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My creative passions are music and photography.


Landscape and wildlife photography feature highly in my work, and I love to be outdoors with my cameras.

Abstract work is great fun, but it seems I really need to be by the sea, never more so than during these times, so I'm very lucky to have Northumberland and North East coast close by.

My black and white series of long exposure images featuring the architecture of the iconic Sage Gateshead music venue has garnered 3 separate yearly winning places in the Landscape Photographer of the Year competitions in 2011, 2012 and 2015. All 3 images were published in the accompanying 'LPOTY' books, and shown as part of the Take A View exhibitions at the National Theatre and Waterloo Station in London.

Pictures below show one of those shots published in the book and also projected onto the wall of the National Theatre.












View all three shots by visiting my Sage album at Flickr 

*The 2011 Sage picture was also included in the 10th Anniversary special edition LPOTY book featuring a feast of previous winners and a selection of commended images from the past 10 years of its run - this was published on 28th April 2017.


Curves. And Lines. Another series of architectural abstracts titled 'A Curvilinear Perspective' won 3 Honorable Mentions in the IPA International Photography Awards in 2013. It was a study in Lines & Curves, Curves and Lines.

One of my seascapes called 'Knock On Wood' was chosen as the September winning shot in BBC NE's Look North annual charity calendar for Children In Need, 2017. Taken at a rainy 5am in stormy weather, the image features lightning appearing to strike one of the posts by the lighthouse at St. Mary's island, Whitley Bay.


In August 2016, a picture called 'Hay, there's a rabbit away' won the weekly WexMondays online competition -

I took this picture while scouting locations when working on Hame My Durham with Michael Chaplin, Writer.

Michael's book celebrated the life and work of his father, Sid Chaplin, acclaimed North East author.

Hame also featured the wonderful work of the great talent Birtley Aris, Artist.































The Landscape Photographer of the Year

Look North & Children In Need

Lighthouse lightning Whitley Bay
Rabbit and bales

I love working on exhibitions and commissions and getting involved in special arts and heritage projects.

The next link gives info on some of these.

Music on bandcamp

My recording project started in 2020 called Orchid Loop continues with a new song released 1st Jan 2021 called Moonlight (and other earthly delights. Listen below. Other songs on Bandcamp include

 1.Lockdown Town (We Count the Days)

2. Evergreen

Orchid Loop artwork is by the brilliant Roger Dobson, Artist

20121026_124935 book 800.jpg
National theatre 12.11.12.jpg
IMG_1293 crop (1).jpg

My Soundcloud page showcases some of my personal favourite vocal and collaborative
songwriting sessions with Youth, producer & member of Killing Joke,
the Legendary Pink Dots with the even more legendary and lovely Ed Ka-spel,
plus some of my many sessions with Martin McAloon x

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